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Software Engineer

May 2021 - Present

  • As the first frontend engineering hire at Halter, I built and led the team that developed cutting-edge mobile and web applications, leveraging cloud-based technologies to revolutionize the dairy industry.
  • Managed the Halter mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native, overseeing product releases, ensuring reliability and adoption, and owning the CI/CD pipelines with Concourse and Bitrise.
  • Drove research and development of new features as the frontend lead for the Guidance product team, managing stakeholder relationships and taking responsibility for bug and crash triaging.
  • Served as an educator for fellow engineers, taking on tasks of all kinds with a passion for teaching, from the tech-savvy to the hands-on.



During my time at Halter I have had the honor of leading the talented frontend engineering team. I have also had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects and features across multiple categories.

These include the likes of Behaviour, Guidance, Pasture teams. In the Behaviour category, I had the opportunity to work on exciting features such as the Heat Graph and Pasture Herd Heatmap.

As part of the Guidance team, I had the privilege of leading the development of several critical features, such as the Shifting Cards, Shift Starter, Emergency Mode, Local Emergency Release, Preemptive Pause, and many others. These features required extensive research and development and involved managing stakeholder relationships, farmer interviews, triaging bugs and crashes, and mentoring fellow engineers.



In the Pasture category, I worked on features like the Grazings Screen, Metrics Bar, and Strip Grazing.

Finally, I played an essential role in migrating from Google Maps to Mapbox, integrating push notifications, developing mapping tools, and building admin and farmer dashboards. Additionally, I successfully integrated third-party tools like Intercom and Sentry to improve the overall user experience.

Overall, working on these diverse projects allowed me to improve my skills in software development, project management, stakeholder engagement, and mentoring.