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The Spinoff

The Spinoff


Software Engineer

August 2016 - July 2020

    As the developer of the first Spinoff app, my primary task was to ensure that the app could access and display the content from The Spinoff website, which had a WordPress backend. To achieve this, I created an API that fetched the HTML content from the website's backend.

    Since React Native is the chosen technology for the mobile app, I needed to convert the HTML code into a format that the app could understand and render. To accomplish this, I developed an HTML to React Native parser. The parser involved traversing through all the nodes in the HTML DOM tree, extracting the relevant information, and converting it into React Native components.

    By building this parser, I enabled the Spinoff app to retrieve content from the website and display it in a mobile-friendly manner. This integration between the app and the WordPress backend allowed users to access the same content as the website through the app, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

    Throughout the development process, I paid close attention to the performance and efficiency of the parser to ensure smooth and responsive rendering of the HTML content within the app. Additionally, I implemented error handling and robustness measures to handle various scenarios and edge cases that might arise during parsing.

    Overall, my work on the Spinoff app involved building the necessary infrastructure and developing the HTML to React Native parser, enabling the app to consume and present content from the website effectively.