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Software Engineer

August 2016 - July 2020

  • Played a key role as a lead engineer in developing Stickybeak, a testing and insights platform that gathers respondent feedback from social media, securing successful funding and partnerships.
  • Built the chatbot infrastructure for survey respondent interaction and developed the API for delivering and deploying ads to Facebook, overcoming challenges posed by the ever-changing Facebook Ads API.
  • Created an API for targeting specific groups and presenting survey results in a user-friendly format on the frontend, while contributing to the question builder and frontend development.
  • Integrated the Stripe API for subscription payments, handling both backend and frontend implementation, ensuring data security, payment processing, and comprehensive testing.

While working at Translate Digital, I had the opportunity to work on Stickybeak, a fast and cost-effective testing and insights platform that gathers respondent feedback from social media. As one of the lead engineers, I helped build the platform to its MVP state, which went on to secure successful funding and partnerships with world-class companies.

My contributions to the project included building out the chatbot infrastructure that survey respondents interacted with, as well as developing the API that delivered and deployed ads to Facebook. However, this was no easy feat as the Facebook Ads API was constantly changing and breaking our integration with it, requiring continuous attention and troubleshooting.

My work on Stickybeak also involved creating an API that could target specific groups and funnel survey results into an easily readable format on the frontend. I played a significant role in building out the question builder and a majority of the frontend.

Since Stickybeak is a SaaS product, it needed to have a payment integration, which is where I came in. As the assigned developer, I integrated the Stripe API for subscription payments on both the backend and frontend of the platform. The implementation required extensive knowledge of frontend and backend development, including API configuration, data security, payment processing, and thorough testing.

Overall, my work on Stickybeak utilized a variety of technical skills and expertise, including ReactJS for frontend development and Springboot + Java for backend development, resulting in a successful product that has made a significant impact in the market.