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Software Engineer

August 2017 - July 2020

    Campable was the very first app I built and was my very first project for Translate Digital. Campable is the sister app to Parkable, but instead for parking it is for motorhomes and other self contained vehicles. It was spun out of Parkable as it had the same fundamental principles.

    I was fully responsible for building out the mobile app, built in React Native. Now at the time I had not clue what React Native was and didnt know any Javascript (Typescript wasnt out at the time). Over the span of 3 months, I taught my self to code using javascript and React Native and delivered a fully functional MVP that allowed users to find and book places to stay in their motorhome.

    While I was fully responsible for the mobile app, I also helped out with the host management side on the website. This allows end users who where listing their place on the side to manage their incoming bookings nad block out days that they didnt want to allow to be booked.

    Our tech stack as previously stated was a mobile app for iOS and Android built in React Native, the website(s) where built in React and the backed is a java Springboot application hosted on google cloud platform.

    Sadly during covid tourism within New Zealand took a massive hit and so did Campable. Which still has not recovered til this date, but forever hopeful as I have shares in the business which I woud love to get a return on. But you have to be realistic and thats probably never going to happen.